Eupithecia absinthiata - Lot Moths and Butterflies - species in Las Descargues, the Lot, France
drawing of a moth



Las Descargues, 19 August 2012
Eupithecia absinthiata Adult


© Robin Howard

Eupithecia absinthiata (Clerck, 1759)

Wormwood Pug
L'Eupithécie de l'absinthe

Wingspan: 24-28mm

A univoltine species on the wing from June to September when it is a scarce visitor to the lights at Las Descargues with just a single record to dat. A species of many habitats types.

Larvae feed on Thalictrum, Pimpinella, Heracleum, Vaerbascum Senecio, Achillea, Eupatorium etc.