Links - Lot Moths and Butterflies - species recorded in and around Las Descargues, the Lot, France
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Websites that may be of use for your trip to Las Descargues and the Lot.

Lot - Lot Nature - a superbly run organisation for the protection of the flora, fauna, landscape and sensitive habitats of the Lot. - An excellent natural history blog, well worth visiting for up to date sightings in and around the Lot. - The British Entomological and Natural History Society. - Lepidoptera supplies and services. - A superb site with mine illustrations, keys and regular newsletters in PDF format. - Genitalia illustrations and information on British and European moths. - One of the longest running entomological journals in the UK. - The most comprehensive recording system yet devised. - A well produced and topical journal for moths and dragonflies. - An excellent source of books and journals with a service to match. - A comprehensive and well presented European butterfly site. - One of the best sites depicting European and North African moths and butterflies. - A new and beautifully executed site with plans for eventual coverage of macro and micro moths throughout Europe. - Photographs of British and some European macro and micro-moths. - An excellent site for the latest moth news, identification, advice and a blog. - A beautifully designed site from which others should draw inspiration for ease of access and clarity of content. - A superb site for Norwegian moths, great photographs and plenty of useful data, plus a Twitter link. - Europe's only organisation devoted to the conservation of invertebrates. The most informative insect site on the internet. - The Royal Entomological Society. - Publishers of the excellent Moths of Europe series.

A Homeowner's Guide to Entomology and House Insects - a splendid American resource guide - Quality entomological equipment.

Steppes Discovery - ethical wildlife travel - Steppes Discovery for responsible and sustainable wildlife travel and holidays. - A comparison website covering all routes and all operators providing excellent deals. - A fast crossing to France from Folkestone. - A fast and relatively cheap crossing to France. - Fly from Stansted to Limoges, Rodez and various other destinations in France. - French weather reports for your journey and stay at Las Descargues. - Photographs of birds from around the world by an old school friend.

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KR6350 Thisanotia chrysonuchella (Scopoli, 1763)
Idaea rufaria AdultHabrosyne pyritoides AdultMythimna pallens AdultOrophia sordidella AdultMythimna vitellina Adult