Moths & butterflies of Las Descargues, Lot, France
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Welcome to the Lot Moths and Butterflies site. The site is a development of the now defunct Las Descargues wildlife blog that was a daily journal of species recorded in and around our 300 year-old Haute Quercy farm.

The farm lies in a stunningly beautiful part of the Haute Quercy in the Lot southwest France. Located at the end of a ridge overlooking the Bave Valley it is surrounded by rolling, wooded hills, deep, river-cut gorges and on the nearby Causse, limestone pavement. The proximity of the limestone Causse de Gramat and volcanic Massif Central have produced a complex local geology that has formed the basis for a mosaic of habitats supporting a diverse flora with a rich moth and butterfly fauna. Over 1820 species have been recorded so far from the immediate area with more than 1600 species taken from the environs of the farm alone.

Mercury vapour and actinic traps are run throughout the year in and around the farm with weekly forays made onto the limestone pavement and local poplar plantations, whilst the nearby volcanic peaks are regularly visited during the summer months for the more esoteric species.

For further information regarding holidays and research opportunities at our farm and for a full description of the area and available accommodation please visit our sister site at or email us for a comprehensive information pack.

New material is added to the lotmoths site most days when traps are run but with over 1820 species recorded by the end of 2013 it is still going to take me some time to populate it with a full complement of images, please be patient and visit often or better still come and see for yourself.

Acherontia atropos
Acherontia atropos (Linnaeus, 1758)

So far 2015 has been a warm and productive year but July and August will see the usual periods of aestivation with a drop in Lep numbers. Late August and the autumn should see a huge improvement in abundance and diversity of species. Have a good summer.

If you are short of time check out the new species tweets on our Twitter account, images of wildlife found at Las Descargues are included, just press the blue button to the left.

Species logged: 1508
Images taken: 4412
Aethes flagellana AdultPhyllonorycter trifasciella AdultNoctua fimbriata AdultCrambus pascuella AdultPhyllonorycter coryli Adult